About Encounter

People afflicted with severe mental and
behavioral healthcare challenges deserve
high quality healthcare, regardless of
where they live.

Our mission is to provide evidence-based, quality care to as many individuals
as possible and support our providers in doing what they do best.


Encounter Telepsychiatry was founded in 2012 to address the severe shortage of mental health providers, particularly in our rural communities, by bringing the provider directly to the patient via telehealth.


Encounter Telepsychiatry patients, regardless of where they live, are receiving high quality, evidence-based healthcare.

Business + Technology + Healthcare Experience

Better providers. Better care. Better outcomes.

Encounter’s patient-focused approach is an unmatched value proposition
for providers.

By enjoying the many benefits of business-owner flexibility, without back office responsibilities, Encounter providers are more professional, more focused, and more effective.

Today, Encounter’s board-certified providers treat mental and behavioral health conditions through medication management and therapy using Encounter’s secure video-conferencing platform.

Providers and patients love it; facility administrators and staff are thankful for it; and primary care providers are grateful for it.