Jen Amis, President & CEO

Jen Amis

President & CEO 

Jen Amis is President & CEO of Encounter Telehealth, a healthcare provider specializing in mental and behavioral healthcare services for elders in rural communities. Encounter provides psychiatric evaluations, medication management, talk therapy, and staff training across the country. Care is delivered by telehealth.

Jen has more than 20 years of management experience in telecommunications, venture capital, and healthcare. She is a native to Nebraska, and previously founded and managed Statim, a telehealth company providing remote patient monitoring services. She has worked as a business consultant to start-up technology and hospitality companies and co-founded Spit Bucket, a design and products innovation company serving the hospitality industry.

She was a 2015 Pipeline Entrepreneurs fellow and now serves as a member on the non-profit’s Board of Directors. Jen is honored to also participate on the boards of two other non-profits; Merrymakers and the Dreamweaver Foundation. Both Nebraska non-profits share a mission of enriching the lives of our seniors.