Senior living staff members shine throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, ensuring mental health for their residents.


Encounter Telehealth awarded their partner facilities ‘Certificates of Excellence in Mental Health Care’ for their perseverance and dedication to the mental health needs of their residents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This past year has been wrought with unprecedented challenges and hurdles for the staff and residents of our senior living community partners,” explains Jennifer Amis, President and CEO of Encounter Telehealth.

“Through everything, the care teams at these facilities have gone above and beyond to ensure the mental health and wellness for their residents. They truly deserve special commendation.”

Depression and anxiety hit an all-time high for older adults amid the pandemic. Recent studies determined that 1 in 4 older adults have experienced depression and anxiety since the pandemic began. Lockdowns, loneliness, fear, and loss have contributed to a mental health epidemic in an already struggling population.

In 2020, throughout the pandemic, Encounter Telehealth conducted over 10,000 telehealth encounters for residents of senior care communities. The staff at these communities have embraced the Encounter Team as an extension of their own care teams. The collaboration between Encounter and their partner facilities has improved the mental health and quality of life for residents and staff members.



Jenkins Living Center Watertown, SD

“Jenkins Living Center is located in Watertown, South Dakota — a rural area in the northeastern corner of the state. Our community lacks the services of a psychiatrist, and scheduling visits with a clinical psychology would often take weeks before the resident could be seen. When we signed on with Encounter, we immediately saw an improvement in mental health services for our resident population. The telehealth psychologists that have served our facility have been extremely responsive whenever we have needed a consultation, and they are very engaged when visiting with our residents and staff. They thoroughly review the residents’ medical records prior to visits and do an outstanding job of follow-up regarding efficacy of medications they have prescribed. Overall, the well-being of our residents who need mental health consultations has improved dramatically since we began to partner with Encounter,” said Loren Dietman, President and CEO of Jenkins Living Center.



Borderview Rehabilitation and Living Center Van Buren, ME

“The majority of our residents being followed by Encounter have had improved mental health. Behaviors have decreased, which has helped the environment for both the residents and employees. Residents’ mental health is more stable,” said Nicholas Guerrette, Administrator at Borderview Rehabilitation and Living Center.


Community Pride Care Center
Battle Creek, NE



Linn Haven Rehab and Healthcare
New Hampton, IA


About Encounter Telehealth

Encounter Telehealth supports the mental and behavioral health needs of residents in senior care communities. Our services include psychiatric evaluations, medication management, mental health therapy for both residents and their family members, after hours care, and staff training. Our communities include skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, independent living, memory care, home health care, ICF/IID facilities, Veterans Homes, and corrections. Our patients receive specialized, evidence-based mental health care regardless of where they live.