Patient Care

Encounter Telehealth enables psychiatric providers to treat patients, regardless of
their location.

Mental health services include diagnostic evaluations, medication management, and medication management with add-on therapy.


New patient visits typically last about an hour and follow-up appointments are 20-30 minutes. The typical patient is seen 12 times in the first year of care with more visits at the beginning of that year to optimize medications, stretching out to once a month and sometimes 90 days.


Psychiatric telehealth patients report great satisfaction with care delivered in this manner. Studies show patients tend to make more eye contact via telehealth and find it to be a welcoming visit.

We Provide Encounters that Make a Difference

Our Unique Approach Supports Better Patient Outcomes

Med Management

Our providers work closely with local primary care providers, facility staff and other caregivers to ensure the best outcomes for the patient.


Encounter assigns one provider to one patient for the duration of that individual’s care, maintaining a consistent continuum of care.

Holistic Approach

Our providers work with local primary care providers, facility staff and other caregivers to ensure a holistic approach to the patient’s needs.

Certified Providers

We are certified providers with Medicare, Medicaid, and many private insurance companies, and bill the payers directly.

Our People

Jen Amis

Jen Amis

President & CEO

Jen has more than 20 years of management experience in telecommunications, venture capital and healthcare.

Therese Collignon

Therese Collignon

Patient Care Coordinator, CMA, EMR Specialist

Therese has more than 35 years of clinic and hospital experience.

Kevin Hagemoser

Kevin Hagemoser

Information Systems

Kevin makes sure the Encounter machine is working and is on course.