As mentioned in our previous article about the growing mental health for farmers , Encounter Telehealth knows first hand the stressful nature of the farming lifestyle. Located in the heart of Omaha, we work closely with rural farming communities. Many of our partner staff and patients come from farming families, and have been agricultural workers, themselves.

Approximately one out of every four Americans has a diagnosable mental illness. Rural populations reach over 60 million people across the country. That is roughly 15 million rural residents are experiencing diagnosable mental illness. Conversely, the country is in a mental health crisis. We have less than half of the providers we need to meet the demands of millions of Americans.

Due to increased hospital closures in rural areas, residents find it increasingly more difficult to access quality mental health care. This comes at a disastrously inconvenient time, considering the severe weather that plagued rural Nebraska last year. Many farmers and ranchers suffered incomprehensible damage– physically, financially, and mentally.

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) recently announced an initiative called “Farm State of Mind” which aims to increase awareness about mental health in the farming community. This initiative will be coupled with their “Rural Resilience” campaign, which is aimed at expanding the reach of rural healthcare. The idea is to promote discussion, provides resources, and squashes the stigmas around mental health. The AFBF also released a touching video about the state of the nation’s farmers after a catastrophic season last year.

Encounter Telehealth is providing solutions in areas that have limited access to mental healthcare. We offer evaluations, counseling, therapy, psychiatric medication managements, and stress managements from the convenience and privacy of your home. Mental health for farmers and rural residents has never been so accessible. If you are interested in Encounter’s services for farming and ranching communities, please visit our contact page for more information.