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At Encounter, we are committed to providing excellent mental healthcare and support for our long-term care facility partners resulting in our patients living the best lives they can. Our provider team of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers manage all aspects of a resident’s mental health concerns through psychiatric evaluations, medication management, counseling, and psychotherapy. It isn’t just elderly people who live in long-term care facilities these days. Encounter providers deliver care to people of all ages in long term care with mental illness, dementia, brain injury, stroke, and more.

Access to quality mental health care is a growing concern in this country. The Encounter Telehealth team is dedicated to advancing mental health treatment, especially in rural and under-served communities, by removing the barriers of access via telehealth. Our provider team’s combined experience is invaluable to our facility staff members, residents, family members, and other care providers.

On this page, you will find helpful resources written and created by our team of PMHNPs and
LCSWs covering a wide range of topics surrounding telehealth, patient care, best practices, news, and more.

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Encounter Videos

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Staff Training

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Self-Compassion in Long Term Care

Antipsychotics in Patients with Dementia and Behaviors

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Clinical Resources




Nebraska Health Care Association

“What Other Medications Other than Antipsychotics are Useful for Behaviors?”

American Psychiatric Nurses Association Nebraska Chapter

“Alternatives to Antipsychotics” For more information on upcoming webinars, view our Events page.

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