Our People

Much like the families with whom we work, we are people with family and friends who are impacted by mental health illnesses. Professionally, we are mental health providers, healthcare administration specialists, IT experts, sales executives, and managers.

Our Team

Jen Amis

President & CEO

Audrey Parris

Chief Operations Officer
Brandy Diepraam, VP of Specialty Care Services

Brandy Diepraam

Chief Revenue Officer
Amanda Rigsby, Marketing & C

Amanda Rigsby

Facility & Provider Manager

Jill Gilbert, Billing Specialist

Jill Gilbert

Medical Billing Manager
Kyle Petsch, Finance & IT Manager

Sara Davis

Health Services Associate
Wes Baedke, Bookkeeper

Wes Baedke

Medical Office Manager
Wes Baedke, Bookkeeper

Randy Beckett

Clinical Specialist